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Some customers are experiencing difficulty obtaining education license details for Autodesk software; we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please try these steps, which should fix this problem.

Flow Design

Flow Design 是一款适用于产品设计师、工程师和建筑师的虚拟风洞软件。它围绕设计概念对风量进行建模,帮助测试开发周期中的早期创意。

到 2020 年,教育软件中将不再提供该产品


注意:请使用具有教育权益的 Autodesk ID 登录或创建一个帐户进行访问。然后下载软件,并使用您的 Autodesk ID 运行 Flow Design。

步骤 2:获取 Flow Design 访问权限

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We're sorry, this product is for students and educators only. It is not available for educational institutions on multiple computers and/or network servers.

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要获得免费的 Autodesk 软件和/或相关服务,应接受并遵循此类软件或相关服务随附的使用条款或其他适用条款。受教育许可约束的软件和相关服务仅可用于教育用途,不得用于商业、职业或任何其他以营利为目的的用途。