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“使用 BIM 360 Field,用户解决问题的速度可提高 4 倍”

BIM 360 Field

让现场人员获得关键信息,帮助改善各种施工和基建项目的质量、安全性以及调试状况。Autodesk® BIM 360™ Field 是适用于二维和三维环境的现场管理软件,这种环境中往往会在施工现场结合实施各种移动技术,并会涉及基于云的协作和报告。

使用 BIM 360 进行现场管理


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What’s new in AutoCAD 2016

Design every detail and produce almost any shape imaginable with the new AutoCAD 2016. With an improved user interface, PDF enhancements, and better coordination with Navisworks® and BIM 360, this year's AutoCAD has something new for everyone. Take a look at these powerful new features, and test them out during your free trial.

User interface

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Drawing and editing

PDF enhancements

Section object

Point clouds


Navisworks coordination model

BIM 360 Glue coordination model

Installation and configuration

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